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2 elevators in the making

Working on the elevator shaft

For works on the infrastructure of an elevator and metal customization, you can contact us to have this carried out qualitatively. Think of repairing the elevator shaft, separating the shaft, raising the pit floor…

Real People. Real Work. Real Rewards.

Raising pit floor

If you need to raise the pit floor in an elevator shaft, you can count on us. We ensure that it is raised and then finished in a qualitative way. This way you can safely install the lift further.

To guarantee the safety of passengers, the pit floor must be properly finished. In this way, the necessary equipment can be safely installed and shielded. Prevent future problems by properly arranging the lift from installation.

Separating elevator shaft

Do you have an elevator shaft that you want to separate to make room for a second elevator? Eco Metal is happy to assist you in this. You have also come to the right place for placing a second facade and attaching it to the existing facade.

We finish both the lift shafts and the pit floors in a correct way, so that the 2 lifts can work optimally.

Repair elevator shaft

Damage to an elevator shaft can have serious consequences. You are there in time to have it repaired. In this way you prevent malfunctions to the lift and the passengers are safe at all times.

A possible cause of damage to the elevator shaft is, for example, water damage after heavy rainfall. Technical works on the lift shaft also occur with outdated lifts.

Working on escalators

Have you installed an escalator and it still needs finishing to protect the equipment? Eco Metal can provide a finish in stainless steel (stainless steel) which, if necessary, is connected to a wall. This ensures both a protected system and a stylish whole.

The finish is also available in other materials if desired. Feel free to contact us to discuss all possibilities.

Escalator in an underground station
pathway over water


Our modern workshop makes it possible to carry out all kinds of customization with great precision. With the most modern equipment and extensive expertise, we also bring your project to a successful conclusion.

For both interior and exterior customization you can contact Eco Metal for the best metals, custom finished. Think of a metal fire escape, finished with fire-resistant products, or stylish, strong railings inside.
Contact us to discuss your needs and discover what we can do for each other.

Eco Metal

Eco Metal is specialized in finishing lifts in different materials. In addition, other applications such as bending, cutting and welding of an extensive number of metal types are also part of our core activities.

Our name, Eco Metal, was deliberately chosen. We strive to offer ECOlogically responsible metalwork at ECOnomic rates. Without sacrificing quality, of course.

We are always raising the bar for ourselves to continue to guarantee quality. Thanks to the high adjustment standard of our machines, we can work extremely precisely and accurately. We follow all safety regulations to protect our employees.

Download our sample book here:

In this sample book we would like to introduce you to the materials we use to carry out our projects.

The 3 pillars of
Eco Metal


Once the assignment has been awarded, one professional craftsman is assigned to manage the entire project. This is responsible for the measurement, production and installation. In this way we can deliver quality at a top level. If you have a question during the work, you always know who to turn to.


We adopt a flexible attitude with every assignment. This ensures that you can always enjoy short waiting times. We always offer a qualitative solution that is affordable.


Everyone must do their part if we want to ensure a good future. That is why we have invested heavily in green energy such as solar panels in recent years. Sustainability is close to our heart. That is why we are involved in a progressive way in the field of the environment.