Privacy Policy


Eco metal b.v., Pickardstraat, 3570 Alken, 0495/54.38.72 attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of our customers.

The collection and processing of personal data within our company is fully in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (better known as GDPR). This privacy statement was drawn up by Eco metal because we want to communicate about this honestly and transparently.

By using the website and our services, we assume that every user has taken note of the privacy statement and therefore accepts the collection and processing of his personal data, as described here.

Our privacy policy is subject to possible future changes based on current legislation. These changes will always be clearly communicated in the privacy statement. It is therefore up to the user to read this document on a regular basis. Any substantial change will always be clearly communicated.

Who processes the personal data

The GDPR makes a distinction between the controller and the parties that carry out the actual processing. we distinguish for that reason:

Responsible processing

The controller, also known as data controller, is any natural or legal person who alone or jointly with others determines the purpose and legal and technical means for the processing of personal data. Eco metal is the controller when it comes to the processing of your personal data.

Actual processor

The actual processor is the natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the controller. The actual processor is responsible for the proper technical functioning of the platform and functionalities. This does not include persons who are authorized to process the data under the direct authority of the controller.

Eco metal selects its actual processors with the utmost care. Each actual processor must provide sufficient guarantees with regard to technical and organizational security measures surrounding the processing and comply with its obligations.

The controller does not bear or assume any liability in the event of loss or corruption of data, identity theft, theft of data, viruses or trojans, SQL injections or other attacks on computer systems or online cloud portals. The actual processor decides autonomously on the most technically suitable application to process the data, based on his professional expertise. The controller cannot be expected to have the same expertise and specialty.verantwoordelijke van de verwerking kan niet verwacht worden over dezelfde expertise en specialiteit te beschikken.

For what purposes are my personal data used and what is the legal basis for this?

Eco metal only collects your personal data for one overarching purpose, namely to offer every user of the website and our services a safe, optimal and personal user experience. The collection of personal data becomes more extensive as the user makes more intensive use of our services.

This data processing is essential for the operation of the website and the services performed by Eco metal. The processing is only done for the following internal purposes:

Offering and improving our (standardized and customized) services, including billing and quotes, collecting and processing usage opinions, as well as providing support. This processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of the agreement between the user and Eco metal.

Offering general information, product information, newsletters and offers by Eco metal. This processing of personal data only takes place on the basis of the user’s consent.

The detection of and protection against fraud, errors, criminal behavior and/or any other act that goes against the terms under which our website and services are offered. This processing of personal data is required in the context of a legal obligation.

By using our website and the functionalities, the user has given permission for the processing of your personal data by Eco metal. If personal data of third parties is processed, Eco metal expressly declares that this processing is necessary for the execution of an agreement to which this person is a party or to take steps at the request of this person before reaching an agreement.

Since there is no brake on technology and innovation, it is impossible to make an estimate of our future website and services. It is therefore important that this consent also relates to the use of personal data in the context of the development of new services and functionalities, insofar as this falls within the original purpose of our platform.

How is the personal data collected?

We collect the personal data in the following ways:

Via the contact / quotation form

This means that we collect all data necessary for the personalized service such as gender, age, demographic data as well as some essential contact details such as address, email address, telephone fax and mobile number. Additional personal data may be collected during the further processing of the purchase. The data subject always decides himself about the amount of information that he releases.

Under no circumstances do we collect sensitive personal data from the user, such as data about your race, political opinions, health, religious and other beliefs, sexual orientation and the like.

through various technical means.

The platform uses various means to optimize the user experience and to detect any (technical) errors in the platform.

Cookies: this information allows us to recognize the user and thus make efficient use of the platform functions such as staying logged in, using the shopping cart, reading reviews, displaying personalized commercial messages, etc. For further clarification about our cookies, please refer to our website. Cookie Policy.

Information related to the device used such as hardware and software information and network information.

Local storage information.

The platform also collects anonymous data, which is technical data that is used exclusively for internal purposes to get an idea of the user navigation on your website.

Will my data be used outside the EU (or even transferred to third parties?)

In the first place, the personal data is only processed for internal use within Eco metal. We can therefore reassure you that personal data will not be sold, passed on or communicated to third parties associated with us.

There is an explicit consent from the data subject

When the transfer is necessary for the execution of the agreement. This will be the case with employees, associates, agents, subcontractors, suppliers, commercial partners, marketing services, etc.

When the transfer is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract concluded or to be concluded in the interest of the user between the controller and a third party. For example in the case of fraud.

When the transfer is necessary or required by law (overriding public interest or law) The data subject is assured of the confidential processing of his personal data in the event of an acquisition or sale of Eco metal. In this case, Eco metal will provide the necessary information to the data subject.

Eco metal is a Belgian company. Nevertheless, there may be data processing and/or transfer to countries outside the EU. Under the GDPR, personal data may only be transferred to countries that guarantee the same adequate level of protection, and where the same or similar provisions of the privacy law are complied with. The country, duration of transfer and storage, nature of the data and precise purposes are criteria that must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Eco metal guarantees that no transfer to third countries for data processing or storage takes place without taking the necessary measures to comply with the protection requirements of the Belgian Privacy Act. This transfer will only take place on the basis of one of the legal grounds, such as the consent of the data subject.

What are my rights

Guarantee of lawful and secure processing of personal data

Every user can assume that Eco metal always processes your personal data ‘fairly and lawfully’. This means the following guarantees:

Personal data is only processed in accordance with the explicitly described and legitimate purposes.

We only collect and process personal data to the extent that this is sufficient, relevant and not excessive.

We never store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary, i.e. as long as your account is active or as long as the personal data is necessary to offer you a certain service.

Eco metal has taken sufficient technical and organizational security measures to guarantee safe processing of personal data. These security measures are commensurate with the nature of the personal data and the potential risks.

The risks of accidental or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss, alteration of or access to, and any other unauthorized processing are therefore reduced to a minimum. Unfortunately, this does not mean that there is no longer any risk. In the event of a break-in on its IT system, Eco metal will immediately take all possible measures to limit damage and/or theft to a minimum.

Your rights as a user

If you want to exercise your rights already involved, submit your request as an e-mail to customer service:, or in writing to Eco metal, Pickardstraat, 3570 Alken. In doing so, make sure that it is possible for us to unambiguously identify your person.

Right of access: You have the right of access to the personal data that we process about you

Right to rectification and erasure of data: You have the option at any time to have your personal data rectified or erased, provided that the legal provisions for this are met. In the event of inaccuracies, we will immediately correct the data stored with us after notification by you. Personal data will be deleted when the legal provisions are met, for example because the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed or this data has been unlawfully processed. Excluded from deletion are only those data that we need for the execution of pending orders or for the realization of our rights and requirements, as well as data that we must store for longer due to legal retention periods. Insofar as data is only not deleted due to a still existing retention period, the processing thereof will be restricted by us, even without your requesting this from us.

Restriction of processing : You can require us to restrict the processing of your data if the applicable legal provisions are met.

Objection to data processing: In addition, you have the right to object to data processing by us at any time. We will then stop processing your data, unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for further processing, in accordance with the legal provisions, which outweigh your rights.

Objection to direct marketing : You can also object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of advertising (“advertising objection”). However, this does not apply to the data necessary for the execution of your order. Upon receipt of your objection, we will no longer use, process or transfer the data in question for any purpose other than the fulfillment of your order and cease to send advertising material to you.

Objection to data processing on the legal basis “legitimate interest”: You have the right to object to the data processing by us at any time, insofar as this is based on the legal basis of legitimate interest. We will then cease processing your data, unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for further processing in accordance with the legal provisions, which outweigh your rights.

Withdrawal of consent: Insofar as you have given us your consent to the processing of your data, you can revoke it at any time with changing consequences for the future. The lawfulness of the processing of your data until the revocation is independent of this.

Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities: You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. You can contact the supervisory authority responsible for your place of residence or the data protection authority responsible for us. That is: Data Protection Authority, Drukpersstraat 35 Brussels.


If you have any questions or comments about this privacy statement or the way in which Eco metal collects personal data, you can always contact us by email or letter.