Eco Metal

Eco Metal is specialized in finishing lifts in different materials. In addition, other applications such as bending, cutting and welding of an extensive number of metal types are also part of our core activities.

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Eco Metal

Our name, Eco Metal, was deliberately chosen. We strive to offer ECOlogically responsible metalwork at ECOnomic rates. Without sacrificing quality, of course.

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Eco Metal

We constantly raise the bar for ourselves to continue to guarantee quality. Precision and accuracy are guaranteed thanks to the high adjustment standard of our machines. In addition, we work according to the safety regulations to protect our employees.

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Elevator Frame

Every elevator needs a quality frame. You have come to the right place for finishing lifts. This includes providing enclosures, finishing frames and manufacturing and professionally placing facades.

Safety is the priority with elevators. That is why we provide the option of finishing the versions with fire-resistant products. This prevents a possible fire from spreading through the lift shaft.

small visibility of the elevators

Cage decorations

Do you wish to place decorations in your lift such as floor coverings, railings, ceilings, mirrors… Eco Metal is also ready for you. We work with different metals, wood, rubber… There are many options available.

We manufacture all supplies ourselves in our workshop and come to install them. This way you can be 100% reassured that the finish is perfect.

modern elevator 3d
Escalators in a building with grey walls

Other works

Do you want to raise the pit floor, separate the lift shaft or have the lift shaft repaired? Then Eco Metal can help you further. In addition, we also provide finishes for escalators. These are usually done in stainless steel.

Discover the possibilities on our page about other works.

The 3 pillars of
Eco Metal


Once the assignment has been awarded, one professional craftsman is assigned to manage the entire project. This is responsible for the measurement, production and installation. In this way we can deliver quality at a top level. If you have a question during the work, you always know who to turn to.


We adopt a flexible attitude with every assignment. This ensures that you can always enjoy short waiting times. We always offer a qualitative solution that is affordable.


Everyone must do their part if we want to ensure a good future. That is why we have invested heavily in green energy such as solar panels in recent years. Sustainability is close to our heart. That is why we are involved in a progressive way in the field of the environment.

Who can contact Eco Metal?

Eco Metal’s main customers are elevator installers. We provide a high-quality elevator finish with a casing, frame or a complete facade in the desired materials. Our flexible approach always ensures pleasant cooperation.

Both SMEs and private individuals are also part of our customer base. For these customers, it invariably involves customization within various application areas: finishing escalators, cutting and bending…

werkende man met slijpschijf

Professional workshop

In order to increase our possibilities and the quality of our services, we recently moved to a new studio. We have equipped these with state-of-the-art equipment and the corresponding tools.

We can now meet the demands of our customers better than ever.